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Marketing for Non Marketers  


"True Influence is when you inspire someone to feel, think, and act"!

Shelly St John, Founder, Primary Objective

From our desk to yours . . .

Primary Objective is a dynamic company passionate about innovation and committed to positively impacting our clients' communities. We strive to create meaningful work and continuously explore new ideas and approaches to help our clients achieve their goals.

Experience, Humanity, and Authenticity

Our journey over the past thrity years has led us to understand the profiles of our biggest and brightest clients. These clients, although not marketers themselves, are open to new ideas and eager to engage trusted professionals for direction and advice.

The gratitude we receive from our non-marketing clients is consistent and heartfelt. They often express their thanks with phrases like, "Thank you for always having my back."

This support stems from one core element: EXPERIENCE. Imagine needing a brain surgery; would you choose an older, highly experienced brain surgeon or someone fresh out of college? The same principle applies to our work. When faced with important marketing decisions, our clients choose us because they trust our expertise and experience.

Another key aspect our clients appreciate is our commitment to putting humanity back into marketing. For too long, sales and marketing have been seen as cutthroat fields. However, by prioritizing authenticity over airbrushed, Instagram-worthy perfection, we make marketing feel genuine and relatable.

To give you a better understanding of the work we do, we've outlined Our Ideal Client Characteristics and Client Profile.

If you would like to explore a relationship together, we would be delighted to discuss how we can support you.

Our Client Characteristics

Big Hearts: 
They are compassionate, value-driven individuals who prioritize making a positive difference in the world.

Kind and Authentic: 
They value authenticity and genuine interactions in both business and personal relationships.

Unique Projects/Businesses: 
They engage in innovative and distinct projects or businesses that set them apart from the competition.

Open to New Ideas: 
They embrace change and are willing to explore unconventional methods to achieve success.

While they may not have a background in marketing, they understand its importance and are willing to invest in it to further their goals.

Goal-Oriented but Unsure How to Reach Those Goals: 
They have ambitious goals but may lack the clarity or expertise to navigate the path to achieving them.

Marketing Budget:
Wisely Spent: They have allocated funds for marketing and seek guidance on how to effectively use them to maximize impact.

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Our Client Profile

Visionary Entrepreneurs: 
Forward-thinking small business owners driven by a strong vision.

Strategic Leaders: 
Decision-makers shaping their business direction and strategies.

Committed to achieving measurable outcomes that align with their objectives.

Industry Innovators: 
Operating in dynamic industries, staying ahead of the curve.

Collaborative Partners: 
Valuing strategic partnerships and expert insights.

Concentrated on expanding market share, revenue, or impact.

Adaptive Problem Solvers: 
Open to new approaches for industry challenges and opportunities.

Long-Term Relationship Builders: 
Seeking lasting partnerships with trusted advisors.

Ethical and Responsible: 
Prioritizing integrity and social responsibility in their practices.

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